LEAD Video Stabilizer Transform

This is a MediaFoundation® transform that performs video stabilization on a video stream . It will make up for video shaking/vibration. The transform exposes its functionality through both user and programming interfaces.

Resource Type Description
Transform Interface(s) ILMFVStabilize,IMFTransform
Interface ID IID_ILMFVStabilize
Input/Output Media Types MFMediaType_Video and the following subtype: MFVideoFormat_RGB24
Transform CLSID CLSID_LMFVStabilize
Property Page(s) CLSID CLSID_LMFVStabilizePropertyPage
Executable LMFVStabilize.dll
Header ILMFVStabilize.h
Transform Attributes LEAD Video Stabilizer Attributes


Win 32, x64

LEAD Video Stabilizer Transform User Interface

You need to unlock the LEAD Video Stabilizer Transform to use it in RELEASE mode.

For more information, refer to Evaluation Mechanism Overview

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