ILMFMxfSourceMetaTrack Interface

Data types:

typedef enum LMFMxfSourceMetaTrack_Type 
   LMFMxfSourceMetaTrack_Type_Static = 0x00000000,    /* Static meta track */ 
   LMFMxfSourceMetaTrack_Type_Timeline = ( LMFMxfSourceMetaTrack_Type_Static + 1 ),  /* Timeline meta track */ 
   LMFMxfSourceMetaTrack_Type_Event = ( LMFMxfSourceMetaTrack_Type_Timeline + 1 ),     /* Event meta track */ 
} LMFMxfSourceMetaTrack_Type; 

Interface Properties:

Type Name Description
LONG Type (Read-only) Gets the meta track type. Returned values are one of the LMFMxfSourceMetaTrack_Type enumerations.
BSTR Name (Read-only) Gets the name of the meta track.
LONG EditRateNum (Read-only) Gets the numerator part of the meta track edit rate value.
LONG EditRateDen (Read-only) Gets the denominator part of the meta track edit rate value.
ILMFMxfSourceMetaSegments * MetaSegments (Read-only) Gets a pointer to the meta segments collection object.
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