LEAD ISO Media Source

The LEAD ISO Media Source can be used to play files based on the ISO base file format described in ISO/IEC 14496-12. The ISO base file format should not be confused with the files used to store CD images or DVD images (which have the .ISO extension).

The following common file formats use the ISO base file format:

The ISO media source can be used to parse the file formats listed above. For more information on using the ISO media source, refer to Using LEAD ISO Media Source. Descriptions of supported transform properties are provided in the following table:

Resource Type Description
Transform Interfaces None.
Interface ID None.
Input Media Types Type:
Output Media Types Depends on the file.
Transform CLSID None.
Property Page CLSID None.
Executable LMMFISOSource.dll
Media Source ByteStream Handler CLSID_MFISOByteStreamHandler
Header None.


Win 32, x64

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