LEAD MJPEG Encoder ICodecAPI Support

The LEAD MJPEG Encoder implements the ICodecAP interface and can be configured by setting any of the supported properties through this interface.

Descriptions of supported transform properties are provided in the following table:

Codec API Property Description
CODECAPI_AVEncCommonRateControlMode Specifies the rate control mode.
For this transform, this is a read only property to indicate that the codec supports only the following value:
eAVEncCommonRateControlMode_Quality: this codec uses a Quality-based VBR encoding.
CODECAPI_AVEncCommonQuality Specifies the quality factor for encoding. The quality factor is used in compressing the video stream.
The higher the quality factor, the better the quality.
Possible values range from 0 (Minimum quality, smaller output size) to 100 (Maximum quality, larger output size).
For this encoder, the property CODECAPI_AVEncCommonQualityVsSpeed has the same effect as this property.


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