LEAD Video Rotation Transform Attributes

The following attributes are supported by the LEAD Video Rotation Transform through the IMFAttributes interface. 

Data type Attribute CLSID Description
UINT32 (BOOL) LMF_ROTATION_REVERSE Sets or gets reverse option, set to TRUE to enable the reverse option.
UINT32 (BOOL) LMF_ROTATION_FLIP Sets or gets Flip option, set to TRUE to enable the flip option.
UINT32 (long) LMF_ROTATION_ROTATIONANGLE Sets or gets the rotation angle, it should be a multiple of right angle (90). Unit of angle is degree.
UINT32 (BOOL) LMF_ROTATION_DEFAULTREVERSE Default Reverse status.Original value is FALSE.
UINT32 (BOOL) LMF_ROTATION_DEFAULTFLIP Default Flip status.Original value is FALSE.
UINT32 (long) LMF_ROTATION_DEFAULTROTATIONANGLE Default Rotation Angle.Original value is zero.


Note: Changes that affect the video frame dimensions cannot be performed while the media session is active, as a result these changes will be reverted. You must close the currently open media, change the properties, and then re-open the media.

For more information on how to use the Transform Attributes, refer to Using Media Foundation Transform Attributes.


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