LEAD Video Stabilizer Transform Attributes

The following attributes are supported by the LEAD Video Stabilizer Transform through the IMFAttributes interface.

Interface Properties

Data type Attribute CLSID Description
UINT32 (BOOL) LMF_VSTABILIZE_ENABLED Enables or disables video stabilization. If set to FALSE, the transform passes the video samples intact.
UINT32 (BOOL) LMF_VSTABILIZE_AUTORECONNECT If set to TRUE, the transform can apply changes that affect media types while the media session is running (without having to stop and manually reconnect).This includes options such as clipping.
UINT32 (BOOL) LMF_VSTABILIZE_ROIENABLED If set to TRUE, the transform processes only the region of interest. Otherwise, the entire frame gets processed.The region of interest restricts the area considered when reducing shaking, but the reductions are applied to the entire frame. Limiting the transform to a portion of the video increases performance, allowing the transform to be run in real time.
UINT32 (long) LMF_VSTABILIZE_ROITOP Top coordinate, in pixels, of the region of interest
UINT32 (long) LMF_VSTABILIZE_ROILEFT Left coordinate, in pixels, of the region of interest
UINT32 (long) LMF_VSTABILIZE_ROIBOTTOM Bottom coordinate, in pixels, of the region of interest
UINT32 (long) LMF_VSTABILIZE_ROIRIGHT Right coordinate, in pixels, of the region of interest
UINT32 (lmvstab_GlobalEstimationCoefficients) LMF_VSTABILIZE_GLOBALESTIMATIONCOEFFICIENTS Gets or sets the lmvstab_GlobalEstimationCoefficients value to be used. This describes the type of stabilization to be performed.
UINT32 (lmvstab_GlobalEstimationQuality) LMF_VSTABILIZE_GLOBALESTIMATIONQUALITY Gets or sets the lmvstab_GlobalEstimationQuality value to be used. This value describes the balance between the speed and the quality of the processing.
UINT32 (lmvstab_PathSmoothingLevel) LMF_VSTABILIZE_PATHSMOOTHINGLEVEL Gets or sets the lmvstab_PathSmoothingLevel values to be used.
UINT32 (OLE_COLOR) LMF_VSTABILIZE_BACKGROUNDFILLCOLOR Color to use to fill any empty areas resulting from processing.
UINT32 (BOOL) If set to TRUE, the transform will apply cropping on the frames. Otherwise, the frame processed normally.
UINT32 (long) LMF_VSTABILIZE_LEFTRIGHTCROPMARGIN Left and right crop margin
UINT32 (long) LMF_VSTABILIZE_TOPBOTTOMCROPMARGIN Top and bottom crop margin
UINT32 (lmvstab_InterpolationType) LMF_VSTABILIZE_INTERPOLATIONTYPE Gets and sets the lmvstab_InterpolationType value to be used.
UINT32 (lmvstab_enumClippingOption) LMF_VSTABILIZE_CLIPPINGOPTION Gets and sets the lmvstab_enumClippingOption value to be used.

For more information on how to use the Transform Attributes, refer to Using Media Foundation Transform Attributes.

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