LEAD MPEG-4 Encoder ICodecAPI Support

The LEAD MPEG-4 Encoder implements the ICodecAP interface and can be configured by setting any of the supported properties through this interface.

Descriptions of supported transform properties are provided in the following table:

Codec API Property Property in ILMFMP4Encoder Interface Description
CODECAPI_AVEncCommonRateControlMode CompressionMode Specifies the rate control mode.
Possible values are ( members of  eAVEncCommonRateControlMode enumeration):
eAVEncCommonRateControlMode_Quality: Use the CODECAPI_AVEncCommonQuality property value to regulate the image quality.
eAVEncCommonRateControlMode_PeakConstrainedVBR: Vary the quality over short durations.
However, it will achieve an average rate matching the CODECAPI_AVEncCommonMeanBitRate property value.
eAVEncCommonRateControlMode_CBR: Adhere strictly to the rate specified in the CODECAPI_AVEncCommonMeanBitRate property.
CODECAPI_AVEncCommonMeanBitRate BitRate Specifies the average or constant bitrate used when the CODECAPI_AVEncCommonRateControlMode is set to eAVEncCommonRateControlMode_CBR
or eAVEncCommonRateControlMode_PeakConstrainedVBR. The value is in bits per second.
CODECAPI_AVEncCommonQuality QFactor Specifies the quality factor for encoding. The quality factor is used in compressing the video stream.
The lower the quality factor, the better the quality.
Possible values range from 1 (best) to 31 (worst).
CODECAPI_AVEncCommonMultipassMode EncodingPasses Specifies the number of encoding passes that the encoder supports. Possible values are 1 (default) or 2.
CODECAPI_AVEncMPVQScaleType QuantType The quantization method applied. Possible values are (members of the eAVEncMPVQScaleType enumeration):
eAVEncMPVQScaleType_Linear: Use H.263 quantization.
eAVEncMPVScanPattern_AlternateScan:  Use MPEG quantization.


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