Imaging Common Dialog C API

DLL LIB Header \Examples\CDLL Comments
LTDLG.H \MainDEMO Provides both low and high-level functions that can be used to display Imaging Common Dialogs.
LTDlgKrn?.DLL LTDlgKrn_?.LIB \MainDEMO The Common Dialog Kernel
LTDlgClr?.DLL LTDlgClr_?.LIB \MainDEMO Color Image Processing Dialog
LTDlgEfx?.DLL LTDlgEfx_?.LIB \MainDEMO Display Effects Dialog
LTDlgFile?.DLL LTDlgFile_?.LIB \MainDEMO File Open/Save Dialog
LTDlgImg?.DLL LTDlgImg_?.LIB \MainDEMO Image Processing Dialog
LTDlgImgDoc?.DLL LTDlgImgDoc_?.LIB \MainDEMO Document Image Processing Dialog
LTDlgImgEfx?.DLL LTDlgImgEfx_?.LIB \MainDEMO Image Effects Dialog
LTDlgWeb?.DLL LTDlgWeb_?.LIB \MainDEMO Web Tuner Dialog

The LEADTOOLS C API provides the lowest level of Imaging Common Dialog support.

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