DICOM DirectShow Filters

DICOM DirectShow filters need to be registered before they can be used. They do not need to be copied into the system directory, but do need the LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging DLLs to work properly.

DICOM DirectShow DLLs

Feature Filter/Interface(s) Header Comments Help Files
DICOM File Reader LTDicRd2.DLL
ILTDicRd2.h This filter provides the ability to stream the video data in any DICOM file. In addition, it makes it possible for any DirectShow-based media player to play video data in a DICOM file. The filter offers the ability to control the stream speed by changing the frame time. In addition to the basic stream and speed control functionality, the user can insert a user-defined external DICOM dataset and get access to the initialized dataset for use with other processes. DICOM File Reader Help
DICOM File Writer LTDicWrt2.DLLDSKernel2.DLL ILTDicWrt2.h This LEAD DirectShow Filter provides the ability to add video data to a DICOM dataset. The filter has a built-in JPEG and JPEG2000 compressor so it can create JPEG or JPEG2000-compressed DICOM files. It can also be used in conjunction with the LEAD MPEG2 Multiplexer, LEAD MPEG2 Encoder or another MPEG-2 Encoder to create DICOM files with MPEG-2 compression (SD or HD). This filter can be used either as stand-alone or through the LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging toolkit. Even when used as stand-alone, the filter still requires redistributables from the Medical Imaging toolkit. DICOM File Writer Help

DICOM File Reader

If you register the DICOM Reader Filter, you can automatically play DICOM files using any DirectShow-enabled player. You can use the LEADTOOLS Multimedia toolkit to play DICOM files like you play any other video file. You can also use Media Player to play DICOM files.

You can change the playback rate by accessing the DICOM reader property page. The property page can be brought up by the LEADTOOLS Multimedia toolkit using IltmmPlay::HasDialog.

Some DICOM files are in 16-bit grayscale format. Such files can only be played if the LEAD Video RGB Converter Filter (LMVRGBXF.DLL) or the LEAD Color Space Converter (LMVYUVxf.DLL) is installed (but 8-bit or 24-bit DICOM files can be played without having these conversion filters installed).

Some DICOM files contain:

The filter has a built-in JPEG2000 decompressor so it can read JPEG2000-compressed DICOM files. The filter needs the raster LFCMP filter in order to play JPEG-compressed DICOM files.

For more information about the LEAD DICOM Reader Properties page, refer to the ILTDicRd Interface.

DICOM File Writer

DICOM files can contain MPEG2 Transport streams with H264 Video plus AC3 audio compression. To create these, you will need the LEAD MPEG2 Transport Multiplexer, LEAD H264 Encoder, and LEAD AC3 Encoder.

Key Features

Some of the key features for this filter include:

Required Redistributables from the Medical Imaging Toolkit

DICOM DirectShow filters require the following raster DLLs in order to work properly.

The DICOM DirectShow filters favor the most recent version of the DLLs. The DLLs for version 16 through 20 are the same. (If a computer has both v15 and either a v16, v17, v17.5, v18, v19 or v20 LTDIC DLL, it will use the v16\v17\v17.5\v18\v19\v20 LTDIC DLL).




The DICOM Filters included with Multimedia evaluation toolkits are solely for evaluation purposes and may not be copied or distributed. Release versions of the DICOM DirectShow Filters are included with the LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module, an add-on to LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging SDK. To obtain pricing and other licensing information for the LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module, please contact oemsales@leadtools.com.

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