LEADTOOLS Installation Notes


The installation procedure creates a directory tree for the LEADTOOLS files, demonstration programs and online help. You specify the root directory during installation.

The following is a list of the subdirectories in the root directory:

Subdirectory Contents
Bin Framework assemblies (DLLs) and required LEADTOOLS binaries.
%Common Documents%\LEADTOOLS Images Sample images and files used by the demo programs
Help Contains the ReadMe file, a whitepaper and the documentation files
Examples\DotNet\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer Root folder for the Zero-Footprint, Cross-Platform HTML5 Viewer
Examples\DotNet\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\WebViewerConfiguration Configuration Utility for Zero-Footprint, Cross-Platform HTML5 Viewer
Examples\DotNet\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\JS\MedicalWebViewerDemo Contains the ASP.NET project for the Zero-Footprint, Cross Platform HTML5 Viewer demo.
Examples\DotNet\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF Contains the WCF Service files and binaries for the Zero-Footprint, Cross-Platform HTML5 Viewer
Examples\DotNet\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Addins Contains the source code project for the Zero-Footprint, Cross-Platform HTML5 Viewer plug-ins implementation

NOTE:The subdirectories created depend on the options selected during installation, so some subdirectories may not be created.

Unlocking Special LEAD Features

For more information on setting a runtime license for LEADTOOLS refer to Unlocking Special LEAD Features.

To determine whether a certain feature is locked, call the RasterSupport.IsLocked method.

For a Product Comparison, refer to Product Comparison.

For information about all LEAD Licensing options, refer to Licensing.

Nag Messages

If you do not provide a RELEASE runtime license and developer key in your source code, your application will display a "nag" message dialog at runtime. In order to remove the nag message, refer to Unlocking Special LEAD Features.


Introduction - Web Viewer Framework Module



Demo Projects and Source Code

LEADTOOLS HTML5 Medical Web Viewer Framework Demo (overview)

LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer Demo (HTML5 - live)

LEADTOOLS HTML5 Medical Viewer Videos

Products and Support

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Intellectual Property Notices

LEADTOOLS Licensing Requirements

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