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HTML5 Medical Web Viewer Framework Security


The LEADTOOLS HTML5 Medical Web Viewer Framework implements security by controlling access to the server and the resources available to different users.

Each client will receive an encrypted token from the server when a valid user name and password is supplied to the server. The token is required in order to enable client access to server resources. When the server receives a request it authenticates the user to ensure the user has permission to access the requested resource.

The server component is implemented using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) REST Service. As a result, other security models are available. The WCF REST Service supports different models to secure communication between the client and server. The communication can be secured by applying HTTPS/SSL, using basic authentication or digest authentication.

With the LEADTOOLS HTML5 Web Viewer Framework you can:

  • Manage user server-side access remotely from different locations over the Web.
  • Create and configure user accounts to meet application requirements.
  • Assign permissions to user accounts, controlling access to patient information.

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Zero-Footprint, Cross Platform Web Viewer Library Reference

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