Sign in to the Medical Web Viewer demo using Shibboleth

Shibboleth is one of the most popular identity providers of single sign on (SSO) that you can enable for the Medical Web Viewer demo. Potentially, your organization may choose to authenticate using this service in other applications. To enable Shibboleth in the Medical Web Viewer demo, proceed as follows:

  1. Set up a Shibboleth identity provider server. If your organization is already set up, skip to step 2.

  2. On Shibboleth, add an application with the MedicalViewer20 label/name.

  3. Create/Add users to the application you created.

  4. Configure the MedicalViewerIdPLink web service:

    1. The service is installed at: Examples\DotNet\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer\Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.IdP\IdP
    2. Modify the web.config as follows:

      1. Set the shibboleth:EntityId value to the Uri of the meta data provider.
      2. Set the shibboleth:OrgUri value to the Uri of the SSO service.
  5. On the Medical Web Viewer demo, log in as Admin. Proceed to the Permission Management and add the user you added to the application on Shibboleth. Add the same user (e.g., the email address), type the user name, and select the Federated IdP Authentication check box. Next, go to the Update User section and assign permissions to the newly added user as needed.

  6. On the Medical Web Viewer demo, log in as Admin. Then, proceed to the Config Admin Options section and scroll to the bottom and enable the Sign in using Shibboleth option.

  7. To test it, log out and try logging in using Shibboleth. A button with that option should be available in the login screen.

  8. Clicking the button will take you to the Shibboleth signin page and will redirect you once the sign in is successful.

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