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Leadtools.Dicom.AddIn Introduction (PACS)


The Leadtools.Dicom.AddIn assembly provides classes for quickly creating add-ins for PACS systems. For more information about the LEADTOOLS PACS Framework, refer to LEADTOOLS PACS Framework. With this framework a developer can quickly develop scaleable, full-featured PACS (i.e., Windows Service, Association and secure communications, debug, and audit log). Use it to organize DICOM services into different processes (i.e., LAN versus WAN, secure versus unsecure, HIS/RIS versus PACS Archive).

The Leadtools.Dicom.AddIn assembly exposes specific interfaces that allow add-ins to implement additional functionality for the server. The following features can be provided by add-ins:

  • Specify supported presentation contexts
  • Respond to specific DICOM messages
  • Spy on DICOM communication without affecting the message
  • Handle multiple DICOM messages with one add-in.

Supported Environments

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Leadtools.Dicom.AddIn Assembly