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IDicomSecurity Interface Members


The following tables list the members exposed by IDicomSecurity.

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property
CertificateFileName The type of certificate (textual or binary).
Public Property CertificateType Gets the type of certificate (textual or binary).
Public Property CertificationAuthoritiesFileName Gets the name of a file containing Certification Authorities (CA) certificates in Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format.
Public Property KeyFileName The path to the file containing the private key. This parameter is used if the private key is available in raw mode.
Public Property MaximumVerificationDepth Gets the maximum depth of the certificate chain to be verified.
Public Property Options Gets the restrictive and bug workaround options.
Public Property Password The password to use for the password-encrypted private key file.
Public Property SslMethodType Identifies which SSL method type is to be used for security verification.
Public Property VerificationFlags Gets the verification mode to be used.

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