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Leadtools.Dicom.AddIn.Audit Classes


Overview and description of Leadtools Dicom AddIn Audit classes.

Class Description
ActiveParticipantType Hold active participant type information.
Class ApplicationActivityMessage Application activity audit message.
Class AuditLogUsedMessage Audit log used audit message.
Class AuditMessage Specific a DICOM audit trail message.
Class AuditMessageActiveParticipant Hold info on active audit message participant.
Class AuditSourceIdentificationType Audit source identification type.
Class AuditSourceIdentificationTypeAuditSourceTypeCode Audit source type code.
Class BeginTransferringDicomInstancesMessage Begin transferring DICOM instances audit message.
Class CodedValueType Coded value type.
Class DicomInstancesAccessedMessage DICOM instances accessed audit message.
Class DicomInstancesTransferredMessage DICOM instances transferred audit message,
Class DicomStudyDeletedMessage DICOM study deleted audit message.
Class EventId Audit message default event ids.
Class EventIdentificationType Event identification type.
Class ExportMessage Export audit message.
Class ImportMessage Import audit message.
Class NetworkEntryMessage Network entry audit message.
Class OrderRecordMessage Order record audit message.
Class ParticipantObjectDescriptionType Participant object description type.
Class ParticipantObjectDescriptionTypeAccession Participant object description type accession number info.
Class ParticipantObjectDescriptionTypeMPPS Participant object description type MPPS.
Class ParticipantObjectDescriptionTypeSOPClass Participant object description type SOP Class info.
Class ParticipantObjectDescriptionTypeSOPClassInstance Participant object description type SOP class instance info.
Class ParticipantObjectIdentificationType Participant object identification type.
Class ParticipantObjectIdentificationTypeParticipantObjectIDTypeCode Participant participant object id type code.
Class PatientRecordMessage Patient record audit message.
Class ProcedureRecordMessage Procedure record audit message.
Class QueryMessage Query audit message.
Class SecurityAlertMessage Security alert audit message.
Class TypeValuePairType Type value pair.
Class UserAuthenticationMessage User authentication audit message.
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