IsAddinHealthy Field


Queries an add-in to see if it is healthy, i.e. able to function properly.

public const string IsAddinHealthy 
Public Const IsAddinHealthy As String 
const String^ IsAddinHealthy 


This message is used by the PACS add-ins of a DICOM Listening Service to communicate to another process (typically a user-interface) if the add-in is functioning properly. This is particularly useful in situations where the add-in is unable to log the problem. A typical problem occurs when the PACS add-in cannot properly read/write to the database, which prohibits the add-in from functioning properly. In the case the add-in is unable to log this information because it cannot write to the logging database. In this situation, the user interface (i.e. CSStorageServerManager.exe) can send the IsAddinHealthy message to all its add-ins. If any add-in cannot access the database, the add-in responds to the user-interface that there is a problem. The user-interface with read/write access to the database can log the problem.


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