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AnnBatesStampLogo Class

Defines a logo that can be drawn for the Bates stamp components.
public class AnnBatesStampLogo 
public class AnnBatesStampLogo 
   ref class AnnBatesStampLogo 
class AnnBatesStampLogo: 

This logo can be text at an angle, or a picture, or both.

Properties are available to control the position and appearance of the logo. Among the properties there are those to control the text's font and opacity, as well as other properties for pictures.

using Leadtools.Annotations.Engine; 
using Leadtools.Annotations.Automation; 
using Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering; 
using Leadtools.Annotations.WinForms; 
using Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp; 
public void AnnBatesStampComposer_AnnBatesStampComposer() 
	//Create AnnBatesStamp and set its properties  
	AnnBatesStamp batesStamp = new AnnBatesStamp(); 
	batesStamp.Font = new AnnFont("Arial", 12); 
	batesStamp.Foreground = AnnSolidColorBrush.Create("Red"); 
	batesStamp.HorizontalAlignment = AnnHorizontalAlignment.Center; 
	batesStamp.VerticalAlignment = AnnVerticalAlignment.Center; 
	batesStamp.Logo.Angle = 45; 
	batesStamp.Logo.Font = new AnnFont("Arial", 14); 
	batesStamp.Logo.Opacity = 0.5; 
	batesStamp.Logo.StretchLogo = true; 
	batesStamp.Logo.Picture = new AnnPicture(Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "cannon.jpg")); 
	//Add some elements to Bates stamp elements list  
	batesStamp.Elements.Add(new AnnBatesNumber()); 
	batesStamp.Elements.Add(AnnBatesText.Create(" ")); 
	batesStamp.Elements.Add(AnnBatesText.Create(" This is text element")); 
	//Create AnnBatesStampComposer instance and add the created Bates stamp to it  
	AnnBatesStampComposer batesStampComposer = new AnnBatesStampComposer(); 
	//Set the rendering engine  
	AnnBatesStampComposer.RenderingEngine = new AnnWinFormsRenderingEngine(); 
	//Use the main automation object for your application instead of _automation we used here  
	AnnAutomation automation = _automation; 
	AnnContainer mainContainer = automation.Container; 
	//Create Bates stamp container, set its size and mapper and attach it to the composer  
	AnnContainer batesStampContainer = new AnnContainer(); 
	batesStampContainer.Size = mainContainer.Size; 
	batesStampContainer.Mapper = mainContainer.Mapper.Clone(); 
	//Apply Bates Stamp to our container  
	//insert the Bates stamp container below all other containers in the automation   
	automation.Containers.Insert(0, batesStampContainer); 
	//print the content of this Bates stamp  
	Debug.WriteLine(batesStamp.AsString(batesStampContainer)); //  the output will be "000001 This is text element"  
	//Render the containers  
static class LEAD_VARS 
   public const string ImagesDir = @"C:\LEADTOOLS22\Resources\Images"; 

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Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp Assembly

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