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Foreground Property

Gets or sets the foreground color used when viewing the Bates stamp text.
public AnnBrush Foreground { get; set; } 
public AnnBrush getForeground() 
public void setForeground(AnnBrush foreground) 
   property AnnBrush^ Foreground 
      AnnBrush^ get() 
      void set(AnnBrush^ value) 
Foreground # get and set (AnnBatesStamp) 

Property Value

The value of the foreground color used when viewing the Bates stamp text.

using Leadtools.Annotations.Engine; 
using Leadtools.Annotations.Automation; 
using Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering; 
using Leadtools.Annotations.WinForms; 
using Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp; 
public void AnnBatesStampComposer_AnnBatesStampComposer() 
	//Create AnnBatesStamp and set its properties  
	AnnBatesStamp batesStamp = new AnnBatesStamp(); 
	batesStamp.Font = new AnnFont("Arial", 12); 
	batesStamp.Foreground = AnnSolidColorBrush.Create("Red"); 
	batesStamp.HorizontalAlignment = AnnHorizontalAlignment.Center; 
	batesStamp.VerticalAlignment = AnnVerticalAlignment.Center; 
	batesStamp.Logo.Angle = 45; 
	batesStamp.Logo.Font = new AnnFont("Arial", 14); 
	batesStamp.Logo.Opacity = 0.5; 
	batesStamp.Logo.StretchLogo = true; 
	batesStamp.Logo.Picture = new AnnPicture(Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "cannon.jpg")); 
	//Add some elements to Bates stamp elements list  
	batesStamp.Elements.Add(new AnnBatesNumber()); 
	batesStamp.Elements.Add(AnnBatesText.Create(" ")); 
	batesStamp.Elements.Add(AnnBatesText.Create(" This is text element")); 
	//Create AnnBatesStampComposer instance and add the created Bates stamp to it  
	AnnBatesStampComposer batesStampComposer = new AnnBatesStampComposer(); 
	//Set the rendering engine  
	AnnBatesStampComposer.RenderingEngine = new AnnWinFormsRenderingEngine(); 
	//Use the main automation object for your application instead of _automation we used here  
	AnnAutomation automation = _automation; 
	AnnContainer mainContainer = automation.Container; 
	//Create Bates stamp container, set its size and mapper and attach it to the composer  
	AnnContainer batesStampContainer = new AnnContainer(); 
	batesStampContainer.Size = mainContainer.Size; 
	batesStampContainer.Mapper = mainContainer.Mapper.Clone(); 
	//Apply Bates Stamp to our container  
	//insert the Bates stamp container below all other containers in the automation   
	automation.Containers.Insert(0, batesStampContainer); 
	//print the content of this Bates stamp  
	Debug.WriteLine(batesStamp.AsString(batesStampContainer)); //  the output will be "000001 This is text element"  
	//Render the containers  
static class LEAD_VARS 
   public const string ImagesDir = @"C:\LEADTOOLS23\Resources\Images"; 

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Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp Assembly

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