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typedef struct tagDICOMTEXTSTYLE 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_UINT uTextOptions; 
   L_TCHAR szFontName[LO_MAX_LEN]; 
   L_TCHAR szCssFontName[LO_MAX_LEN]; 
   L_UINT16 uTextColorCieLabValue[3]; 
   L_UINT uHorizontalAlign; 
   L_UINT uVerticalAlign; 
   L_BOOL bUnderlined; 
   L_BOOL bBold; 
   L_BOOL bItalic; 

The DICOMTEXTSTYLE describes the attributes of a "Text Style Sequence" (0070,0231) item.

Member Description
uStructSize The size of the structure (use sizeof(DICOMTEXTSTYLE)).
uTextOptions Flags that determine which optional (Type 3) structure members to apply. Possible values:
Value Meaning
DICANN_TEXT_OPTIONS_NONE [0x0000] Do not apply optional text options.
DICANN_TEXT_OPTIONS_FONT_NAME [0x0001] The szFontName member is to be used.
szFontName Font name in a standard type.
szCssFontName Generic font name as defined within CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
uTextColorCieLabValue A default color triplet value used to specify the text color in which it is recommended that the text be rendered on a color display.
uHorizontalAlign Constants that determine the horizontal alignment. Possible values:
Value Meaning
DICANN_HORIZONTAL_ALIGNMENT_NONE [0x0000] No horizontal alignment specified.
DICANN_HORIZONTAL_ALIGNMENT_LEFT [0x0001] Use left horizontal alignment.
DICANN_HORIZONTAL_ALIGNMENT_CENTER [0x0002] Use center horizontal alignment.
DICANN_HORIZONTAL_ALIGNMENT_RIGHT [0x0003] Use right horizontal alignment.
uVerticalAlign Constants that determine the vertical alignment. Possible values:
Value Meaning
DICANN_VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT_NONE [0x0000] No vertical alignment specified.
DICANN_VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT_TOP [0x0001] Use top vertical alignment.
DICANN_VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT_CENTER [0x0002] Use center vertical alignment.
DICANN_VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT_BOTTOM [0x0003] Use bottom vertical alignment.
shadowStyle Used to specify the shadow style options DICOMSHADOWSTYLE.
bUnderlined Specifies whether or not the text shall be rendered underlined.
bBold Specifies whether or not the text shall be rendered in bold.
bItalic Specifies whether or not the text shall be rendered italicized.


The DICOMTEXTSTYLE structure is part of the DICOMCOMPOUNDGRAPHIC structure.

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