typedef struct _VALUETIMERANGE 
   L_UINT32 nFlags;        // Flags 
   VALUETIME Time1;        // Time1 
   VALUETIME Time2;        // Time2 

The VALUETIMERANGE structure contains information about time range values stored in the Value Field of a Data Element.

Member Description
nFlags Flags that indicate the type of time range.  Possible values are:
  Value Meaning
  VALUE_RANGE_NONE Only Time1 is valid, representing a single time, not a range.
  VALUE_RANGE_LOWER Only Time1 is valid, represents a lower range. Example: Time1 is 01:30:00:00 then a lower range is set as "013000.000000-"
  VALUE_RANGE_UPPER Only Time1 is valid, represents an upper range. Example: Time1 is 09:45:00:00 , then a upper range is set as "-094500.000000"
  VALUE_RANGE_BOTH Time1 and Time2 are both valid, represents a full range. Example: Time1 is  01:30:00:00.  Time2 is 09:45:00:00 . The a full range is set as "013000.000000-094500.000000"
Time1 The first time in the time range.
Time2 The second time in the time range.
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