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   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_VOID *pReserved; 
   L_TCHAR *pszLayerName; 
   L_UINT uType; 
   L_UINT uUnits; 
   L_BOOL bFilled; 
   L_INT16 nPointCount; 
   pDICOMANNPOINT pAnnPoints; 
   L_UINT uCompoundGraphicInstanceId; 
   L_UINT uOptions; 
   L_UINT uGraphicGroupId; 
   L_DOUBLE dRotationAngle; 
   L_FLOAT fGapLength; 
   L_FLOAT fDiameterOfVisibility; 
   DICOMANNPOINT ptRotationPoint; 
   L_UINT uTickAlignment; 
   L_BOOL bShowTickLabel; 
   L_UINT uTickLabelAlignment; 
   L_INT16 nMajorTickCount; 
   pDICOMMAJORTICK pMajorTicks; 

The DICOMCOMPOUNDGRAPHIC describes the attributes of a "Compound Graphic Sequence" (0070,0209) item.

Member Description
uStructSize The size of the structure (use sizeof(DICOMCOMPOUNDGRAPHIC)).
pReserved Pass NULL for this parameter.
pszLayerName the "Graphic Layer" (0070,0002) attribute value in the "Graphic Annotation Sequence" (0070,0001).
uType The shape of this Compound Graphic. Possible values:
Value Meaning
DICANN_TYPE_MULTILINE [06] Multi-line compound graphic object.
DICANN_TYPE_INFINITELINE [07] Infinite line compound graphic object.
DICANN_TYPE_CUTLINE [08] Cut line compound graphic object.
DICANN_TYPE_RANGELINE [09] Range line compound graphic object.
DICANN_TYPE_RULER [10] Ruler compound graphic object.
DICANN_TYPE_AXIS [11] Axis compound graphic object.
DICANN_TYPE_CROSSHAIR [12] Cross-hair compound graphic object.
DICANN_TYPE_ARROW [13] Arrow compound graphic object.
DICANN_TYPE_RECTANGLE [14] Rectangle compound graphic object.
uUnits Type of dimension used in attributes for the Compound Graphic when specifying distances and locations. Possible values:
Value Meaning
DICANN_UNIT_PIXEL [0x1] Specifies a location as a relative position with sub-pixel resolution such that the origin at the Top Left Hand Corner (TLHC) of the TLHC pixel is 0.0\0.0.
DICANN_UNIT_DISPLAY [0x2] Specifies a location as a fraction of Specified Displayed Area where 0.0\0.0 is the TLHC and 1.0\1.0 is the BRHC.
bFilled Indicates whether or not the Compound Graphics is displayed as filled. Corresponds to the 'Graphic Filled' (0070,0024) DICOM element.
Value Meaning
TRUE Y = yes
FALSE N = no
nPointCount Number of data Items, e.g., points, in this Compound Graphic. Corresponds to the 'Number of Graphic Points' (0070,0021) DICOM element.
pAnnPoints Pointer to an array of DICOMANNPOINT structures, which represent the points of the graphical object. This member is based on the "Graphic Data" (0070,0022) attribute in the "Graphic Annotation Module".
uCompoundGraphicInstanceId A number that identifies the Compound Graphic described in this Item. The value shall be unique within this SOP instance.
uOptions Flags that specify which optional elements are specified.
Value Meaning
DICANN_OPTIONS_NONE [0x00] No optional sequences are to be included (line, fill, text)
DICANN_OPTIONS_LINE_STYLE [0x01] Line style sequence is present.
DICANN_OPTIONS_FILL_STYLE [0x02] Fill style sequence (pFillStyle) is present.
DICANN_OPTIONS_TEXT_STYLE [0x04] Text style sequence (pTextStyle) is present.
DICANN_OPTIONS_GRAPHIC_GROUP_ID [0x08] Graphic Group ID (uGraphicGroupId) is present.
DICANN_OPTIONS_COMPOUND_GRAPHIC_INSTANCE_ID [0x10] Compound Graphic Instance ID (uCompoundGraphicInstanceId) is present.
pLineStyle A pointer to a DICOMLINESTYLE structure that specifies the line style.
pFillStyle A pointer to a DICOMFILLSTYLE structure that specifies the fill style.
uGraphicGroupId A number that defines the corresponding group object in the Graphic Group Sequence.
dRotationAngle The rotation of this Compound Graphic in degrees. Value shall be in degrees, between 0 and 360. Corresponds to the 'Rotation Angle' (0070,0230) DICOM element.
pTextStyle A pointer to a DICOMTEXTSTYLE structure that specifies the text style.
fGapLength Diameter of the circle around Rotation Point. Corresponds to the 'Gap Length' (0070,0261) DICOM element.
fDiameterOfVisibility Diameter of the circle around the CROSSHAIR origin where the CROSSHAIR is visible. Corresponds to the 'Diameter of Visibility' (0070,0262) DICOM element.
ptRotationPoint The rotation point of this Compound Graphic. Corresponds to the 'Rotation Point' (0070,0273) DICOM element.
uTickAlignment The alignment of the ticks with respect to the line. Corresponds to the 'Tick Alignment' (0070,0274) DICOM element.
bShowTickLabel Indicates whether the tick label should be initially visible. Corresponds to the 'Show Tick Label' (0070,0278) DICOM element.
Value Meaning
TRUE Y = yes
FALSE N = no
uTickLabelAlignment The alignment of the label with respect to the tick.
Value Meaning
DICANN_TICK_ALIGNMENT_NONE [0x0] No tick alignment specified.
DICANN_TICK_ALIGNMENT_TOP [0x1] Top alignment.
DICANN_TICK_ALIGNMENT_CENTER [0x2] Center alignment.
DICANN_TICK_ALIGNMENT_BOTTOM [0x3] Bottom alignment.
nMajorTickCount The number of items pointed to by pMajorTicks
pMajorTicks A pointer to a DICOMMAJORTICK structure that specifies the major ticks label and position.


The DICOMCOMPOUNDGRAPHIC structure is used to create or retrieve information about a DICOM Compound Graphic annotation object.

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