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ServiceError Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by ServiceError.

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method parseError Creates a ServiceError object from the parameters of a Promisefail callback.

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property code A code designating the error problem.
Public Property detail A more detailed statement about the error, suitable for developer error logging.
Public Property errorThrown The original errorThrown string provided in ParseError from the fail Promise callback.
Public Property exceptionType The exception type, as a string, from the server's exception.
Public Property isAbortError indicates if the ServiceError error object is representing an abort from UploadFile.
Public Property isBrowserError Indicates if the ServiceError error objects represents a failure due to the browser.
Public Property isCancelError Indicates if the ServiceError object is representing a request that has been aborted.
Public Property isError Indicates where a generic JavaScript instead of LEADTOOLS error occurred.
Public Property isParseError Indicates if the ServiceError error object is representing a failure in parsing the response from the service.
Public Property isTimeoutError Indicates that the error was caused by a timeout.
Public Property jqXHR The original jQuery jqXHR object provided in ParseError.
Public Property link An HTTP link to LEADTOOLS support for exceptions that occur on the server.
Public Property message A user-safe string that encompasses the Document Service Exception object.
Public Property methodName The name of the service call that caused the Document Library error.
Public Property statusCode The HTTP status code that caused this error.
Public Property statusText The original statusText string provided in ParseError from the fail Promise callback.
Public Property userData User data associated with the request.

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