documentId Property


The ID to be used with the loaded document.

Object.defineProperty(UploadDocumentOptions.prototype, 'documentId', 
   get: function(), 
   set: function(value) 
documentId: string; 

Property Value

String that specifies the ID to be used with the loaded document. The default value is null.


When the value of documentId is null (the default), then the document factory creates a new unique ID using a GUID generator. If the value is not null, then it is assumed to be a user-defined ID and used as is. In either case, the value is set in the LEADDocument.documentId property of the newly created document.

User-defined IDs can be used when the system already has unique IDs associated with the documents to be viewed. The document factory will not check nor guarantee the uniqueness of these IDs.

Refer to Uploading Using the Document Library for detailed information.


For an example, refer to DocumentFactory.uploadDocument.


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