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DocumentImages Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property defaultBitsPerPixel Bits per pixel to use when getting the raster image of a page.
Public Property document Gets the owner document of this DocumentAnnotations
Public Property elementAjaxMethod The request method type to use when loading an image via AJAX.
Public Property elementUrlMode The method to use for loading the image with an ImageLoader.
Public Property isResolutionsSupported Gets a value indicating whether this document supports loading images using different resolutions.
Public Property isSvgSupported Gets a value that indicate whether this document supports getting a page as SVG.
Public Property isSvgViewingPreferred Gets a value that indicate whether the pages in this document is best viewed using SVG instead of raster images.
Public Property maximumImagePixelSize Maximum width or height in pixels to use when obtaining image data from the pages in this document.
Public Property thumbnailPixelSize Size to use when getting the thumbnail image of a page.
Public Property unembedSvgImages Unembed the image elements inside the SVG.

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