DocumentFactory Object


Provides support for loading LEADDocument objects as well as managing the global settings used by the Document library.


JavaScript Syntax
function lt.Document.DocumentFactory 

TypeScript Syntax
class lt.Document.DocumentFactory() 


The main class used for the LEADTOOLS Document class library is LEADDocument, which abstracts the internal implementation to provide unified properties and methods to access the internal document. Users can create a new document to load existing from memory, disk file or a URL.

Documents cannot be created directly, instead, use the static DocumentFactory methods to obtain a LEADDocument instance as follows:

Member Description
LoadFromUri Loads a document from existing data stored in a remote URL
LoadFromCache Loads a previously saved document from the cache

In addition to the above, DocumentFactory contains the following functionality:

Member Description
Create Creates a new empty document
SaveToCache Saves a document to the cache.
DeleteFromCache Deletes a previously saved document from the cache
CheckCacheInfo Retrieves information for a document in the cache.
UploadFile, BeginUpload, UploadDocument, EndUpload and AbortUploadDocument Provides support for uploading a document to the cache system used by the factory
DownloadDocument Downloads any item from the cache.
PrepareAjax Event that occurs before any request is made by the factory to the server to allow the user to examine or modify the parameters passed.


For an example, refer to LoadFromUri.


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