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MedicalViewerSubCell Class Properties


For a list of all members of this type, see MedicalViewerSubCell members

Public Properties

Name Description
AnnotationContainer Gets the annotation container of the cell or sub-cell.
CobbAngles Gets the MedicalViewerCobbAngleCollection<MedicalViewerCobbAngle> assigned to the cell.
Fusion Gets the RasterCollection assigned to the cell.
ImageOrientation Gets or sets an array of double values that represents the orientation of the frame.
PaletteType Gets or sets the value representing the type of palette used to display the image.
SelectedObject Gets the annotation container selected object, if any.
Shutter Gets the class that contains the annotation shutter objects.
UserMode Gets or sets the value that indicates the current annotation mode and whether it's a run or an design mode.
WindowLevelValueRange Gets the class that contains the window level boundaries
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