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Polygon Property


Gets the polygon that is used to generate the paraxial cut frames.


public MedicalViewerMPRPolygon Polygon { get; } 
Public ReadOnly Property Polygon As Leadtools.Medicalviewer.MedicalViewerMPRPolygon 

Property Value

MedicalViewerMPRPolygon that is used to generated the paraxial cut frames.


The paraxial cuts are images generated from the lines that are perpendicular to one of the MedicalViewerMPRPolygon lines. In order to be able to connect the paraxial cut cell to a polygon, pass it in the cell constructor, then change which line of the polygon to attach the paraxial cell to through PolygonLineIndex.

The user cannot draw the MedicalViewerMPRPolygon to:

  • Derivative Cell.
  • Generated MPR Cell.
  • Paraxial cut cell itself.
  • A cell with less than 3 frames.

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