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Leadtools.MedicalViewer Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools MedicalViewer enumerations.

Enumeration Description
MedicalViewer3DRequestedInformationType Represents the enumeration that will be sent through the MedicalViewerCell.Data3DRequested and MedicalViewerCell.Data3DFrameRequested to request some 3D information.
MedicalViewerActionFlags Represents the cells to which the action is applied and when the action is applied.
MedicalViewerActionStatus Specifies the current status of the action.
MedicalViewerActionType Represents the action to be associated with the specified mouse button.
MedicalViewerAnimationFlags Specifies constants that control the animation feature.
MedicalViewerAnimationIntervalType Determines the meaning of the value MedicalViewerAnimation.Interval.
MedicalViewerAnnotationChangeType Represents the change applied to the annotations in the cell.
MedicalViewerAnnotationFlags Determines which annotation objects use the new setting.
MedicalViewerBorderStyle Represents the border style.
MedicalViewerCalibrationAxis Specifies whether to calibrate one axis or both axes.
MedicalViewerCellImageFeatures Specifies which part of the cell or sub-cell besides the image to print.
MedicalViewerCellMaintenance Specifies how splitters will move.
MedicalViewerCrosshairStyle Specifies the type of crosshair to be used by the magnifying glass.
MedicalViewerCustomAnnotationRequestedObject Represents the enumeration that will be sent through the MedicalViewerBaseCell.CustomAnnotationDataRequested to the custom annotation object, run designer, or edit designer.
MedicalViewerDesignerType Represents the enumeration that determines the type of the designer.
MedicalViewerDesignTool Specifies the design tool to uses during design mode in the viewer.
MedicalViewerFileOperation Specifies which operations are performed when saving annotations or regions.
MedicalViewerIconStatus Represents the icon status (whether checked or not checked).
MedicalViewerLookupTableType Represents the type of lookup table being used.
MedicalViewerMeasurementUnit Represents the unit of measure for length.
MedicalViewerModifiers Specifies constants that define which modifier(s) was/were pressed.
MedicalViewerMouseButtons Specifies constants that define which mouse button was pressed.
MedicalViewerMPRPolygonHitTest Represents the enumeration that will be sent through the MedicalViewerCell.MPRPolygonClicked.
MedicalViewerNudgeToolShape Specifies the shape of the nudge tool brush.
MedicalViewerPaintingMethod Represents the technique used when painting the images.
MedicalViewerPaletteType Represents the enumeration that determines the palette used to display the image.
MedicalViewerRegionState Specifies whether the region has been added, changed or removed.
MedicalViewerRulers Represents which ruler to display. (this does not include the annotation rulers).
MedicalViewerRulerStyle Indicates the style for the rulers in the cells of the MedicalViewer.
MedicalViewerScaleMode Specifies the type of image scaling that will be used on the image.
MedicalViewerScaleTagType Represents the style of scale overlay tag value which will be displayed on the cell.
MedicalViewerScaleType Represents the enumeration that determines the type of the zoom.
MedicalViewerSetImageOptions Specifies whether to insert the image or replace the existing one.
MedicalViewerSortCriteria Specifies cell sorting criteria that will be used to sort frames.
MedicalViewerSortSeparationCriteria Specifies the criteria that is used to separate the series into multiple stacks through the method Sort.
MedicalViewerSplitterStyle Represents the type of splitters.
MedicalViewerSpyGlassTextType Represents an enumeration that determines whether to show a text over or under the spy glass control, and the type of text shown.
MedicalViewerSynchronizationType Represents the enumeration that is used to set the synchronization type for the cells in the viewer.
MedicalViewerTagAlignment Specifies the origin point to begin counting the rows specified in the row parameter in the SetTag method.
MedicalViewerTags Indicates whether to show or hide the tags.
MedicalViewerTagType Represents the type of tag to be added.
MedicalViewerTextQuality Represents the quality of the text and whether it is anti-aliased.
MedicalViewerUserMode Specifies the design mode of the viewer when the viewer is created in layout mode.
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