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MedicalViewer Class Methods


For a list of all members of this type, see MedicalViewer members

Public Methods

Name Description
BeginUpdate Stops the viewer from being refreshed if changes are applied. This is useful to increase the control speed efficiency.
BurnTag Burns the tag onto the image with the specified parameters .
EndUpdate Refreshes the control to include all the changes made after using the BeginUpdate method.
Invalidate Redraws all the cells in the medical viewer.
LoadLayout Loads the layout from the specified stream.
Refresh Updates and recalculates the data of all the cells in the medical viewer.
SaveAnnotations Saves the annotation container(s) of a cell to a file.
SaveLayout Saves the layout to the specified stream.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Dispose Releases all resources used by the MedicalViewer.
Finalize This member overrides Finalize.
IsInputKey Overrides Control.IsInputKey.
OnCreateControl Overrides the Control.OnCreateControl.
OnHandleCreated Overrides Control.OnHandleCreated.
OnSizeChanged Overrides Control.OnSizeChanged.
WndProc Processes Windows messages. Overrides WndProc.
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