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MedicalViewerFusion Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by MedicalViewerFusion.

Public Constructors

Name Description
MedicalViewerFusion Initializes a new instance of the MedicalViewerFusion class.

Public Properties

Name Description
Center Gets or sets the window-level center value for the fused image.
ColorPalette Gets or sets the palette used to fuse the image.
DisplayRectangle Gets or sets the rectangle that is used to display the fused image.
Fit Enables or disables fitting the fused image to the original image.
FusedImage Gets or sets the image that will be fused with the original image. Image.
FusionScale Gets or set the value that represents the amount of transparency in the fusion.
OffsetX Gets or sets the X offset of the fused image relative to the original image.
OffsetY Gets or sets the Y offset of the fused image relative to the original image.
Rotation Gets or sets the amount of rotation to the fused image.
Scale Gets or sets the normalized scale of the fused image.
Width Gets or sets the window-level width value of the fused image.
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