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MedicalViewerImageData Class Properties


For a list of all members of this type, see MedicalViewerImageData members

Public Properties

Name Description
AcquisitionTime Gets or sets the value that determines the image acquistion time.
CaptureTime Gets or sets image capture date and time.
Data Gets or sets a user-defined object that contains data about image represented by this class.
EchoNumber Gets or sets the image echo number.
FrameOfReferenceUID Gets or sets the frame reference of UID.
Image Gets or sets the Leadtools.RasterImage represented by this class.
ImageOrientation Gets or sets a string with the float values that represent the orientation of the image attached to this cell.
ImageOrientationArray Gets or sets the array that represents the Image orientation.
ImagePosition Gets or sets the image position of the image that is represented by this class.
InstanceNumber Gets or sets the image instance number.
PixelSpacing Gets or sets the image pixel spacing.
SequenceName Gets or sets the image sequence name.
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