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RasterRegion Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by RasterRegion.

Public Constructors

Name Description
RasterRegion Initializes a new RasterRegion from the specified LeadRect structure.

Public Methods

Name Description
Clip Trims this RasterRegion to fit inside a specified LeadRect.
Clone Creates an exact copy if this RasterRegion.
Combine Updates this RasterRegion to a combination of itself and the specified RasterRegion
FromBeziers Creates a Bézier region.
FromCurve Creates a curved region.
FromData Creates a new RasterRegion from the specified data.
FromEllipse Creates an elliptical raster region.
FromPolygon Creates a polygonal raster region.
FromRectangle Creates a rectangular raster region.
FromRoundRectangle Creates a rounded rectangular raster region.
GetBounds Gets a LeadRect structure that represents a rectangle that bounds this RasterRegion in pixels.
GetData Returns an array of Byte that represents the information that describes this RasterRegion.
GetOutline Gets the outline points of this RasterRegion
IsVisible Tests whether the specified LeadPoint structure is contained within this RasterRegion.
MakeEmpty Initializes this RasterRegion to an empty interior.
SetData Overrides the data of this RasterRegion from an array of Byte.
Transform Transforms this RasterRegion by the specified RasterRegionXForm.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Dispose Releases all the resources used by this RasterRegion.
Finalize This member overrides Finalize.

Public Properties

Name Description
IsEmpty Tests whether this RasterRegion has an empty interior.
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