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ColorResolutionCommandPaletteFlags Enumeration


Palette options, for the ColorResolutionCommand.PaletteFlags property.


WinRT C#
public enum ColorResolutionCommandPaletteFlags 
Public Enum ColorResolutionCommandPaletteFlags  
public enum ColorResolutionCommandPaletteFlags    
typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, LTColorResolutionCommandPaletteFlags) 
public enum ColorResolutionCommandPaletteFlags 
Leadtools.ImageProcessing.ColorResolutionCommandPaletteFlags = function() { }; 
Leadtools.ImageProcessing.ColorResolutionCommandPaletteFlags.prototype = {<br/> 
  None = 0x00000000, 
    Fixed = 0x00000001, 
    Optimized = 0x00000002, 
    Identity = 0x00000008, 
    UsePalette = 0x00000010, 
    FastMatch = 0x00000020, 
    Netscape = 0x00000040, 
    SlowMatch = 0x00000200, 
    FavorPureColors = 0x00000400, 
public enum class ColorResolutionCommandPaletteFlags   


0x00000000None Default.
0x00000001Fixed Use the LEAD Fixed palette.
0x00000002Optimized Create an optimized palette, or if you supply a palette in ColorResolutionCommand.SetPalette, supply optimized colors for specified entries in the palette.
0x00000008Identity Insert the Windows system palette.
0x00000010UsePalette Use the palette specified in ColorResolutionCommand.SetPalette, without supplying optimized colors.
0x00000020FastMatch Use a predefined table to speed conversion using your own palette. Refer to RasterUserMatchTable.
0x00000040Netscape Use the fixed palette that is employed by Netscape Navigator and by Microsoft Internet Explorer.
0x00000200SlowMatch Use with Optimized to use a slower but more accurate matching process.
0x00000400FavorPureColors Give colors that occur frequently in the image palette entries of their own in the optimized palette.

The palette options are useful only when the resulting image requires a palette (when it is 8 bits per pixel or less).

For more information, refer to Introduction: Palette Handling.


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