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Tags Property


The collection of tag data used when reading and writing certain file formats (including TIFF).


WinRT C#
public IVector<RasterTagMetadata> Tags {get;} 
Public ReadOnly Property Tags As IVector(Of RasterTagMetadata) 
public IVector<RasterTagMetadata> Tags {get;} 
property IVector<RasterTagMetadata^>^ Tags { 
   IVector<RasterTagMetadata^>^ get(); 

Property Value

A collection of RasterTagMetadata used when reading and writing certain file formats (including TIFF).


Several formats allow you to store non-image data such as comments, tags, and markers.

You can manipulate the tags of an image by adding/removing RasterTagMetadata objects to this collection.

By setting the CodecsSaveOptions.Tags property to true before calling RasterCodecs.Save, you can save the tags in this collection when the image is saved into a file.

By setting the CodecsLoadOptions.Markers property to true before calling RasterCodecs.Load, you can load all the markers (if any) into this collection when an image is loaded from a file.

You can use the RasterCodecs.WriteTags method to save the tags directly to an existing file and the RasterCodecs.EnumTags to load the tags stored in an existing file.

Note: To write tags to a TIFF file, use RasterCodecs.WriteTags instead of using RasterImage.Tags followed by RasterCodecs.Save.

For more information, refer to Non Image Data.


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