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LeadRect Structure Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
!= Specifies whether this LeadRect does not contain the same location and size as the specified object.
== Specifies whether this LeadRect contains the same location and size as the specified object.
Contains Determines if the rectangular region represented by rect is entirely contained within this LeadRect structure.
Create Initializes a new LeadRect object with explicit parameters.
Equals Determines whether the specified object equals this LeadRect object.
FromLTRB Returns a LeadRect structure with the specified edge locations.
GetHashCode Returns the hash code for this LeadRect structure.
Inflate Inflates this LeadRect structure by the specified amount.
Intersect Returns an LeadRect structure that represents the intersection of two rectangles. If there is no intersection, an empty rectangle is returned.
IntersectsWith Determines if this rectangle intersects with a test rectangle.
Normalize Gets the normalized version of a rectangle so that both the height and width are positive.
Offset Adjusts the location of this rectangle by the specified amount.
Parse Parses a string and returns a new instance of LeadRect from it.
ToLeadRectD Converts this LeadRect to a LeadRectD.
ToString Converts this LeadRect to a human-readable string using the specified format and provider.
Union Gets a rectangle structure that contains the union of two rectangle structures.
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