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RasterImageChangedFlags Enumeration


Indicates the type(s) of change that has occurred in a RasterImage.


WinRT C#
public enum RasterImageChangedFlags 
Public Enum RasterImageChangedFlags  
public enum RasterImageChangedFlags    
typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, LTRasterImageChangedFlags) 
public final class RasterImageChangedFlags 
Leadtools.RasterImageChangedFlags = function() { }; 
Leadtools.RasterImageChangedFlags.prototype = {<br/> 
  None = 0x00000000, 
    Data = 0x00000001, 
    Size = 0x00000002, 
    BitsPerPixel = 0x00000004, 
    ViewPerspective = 0x00000008, 
    Order = 0x00000010, 
    Palette = 0x00000020, 
    LookupTablePalette = 0x00000040, 
    Region = 0x00000080, 
    Resolution = 0x00000100, 
    LowHighBit = 0x00000200, 
    MinMaxValue = 0x00000400, 
    NoRegionClip = 0x00000800, 
    PaintLookupTable = 0x00001000, 
    PaintParameters = 0x00002000, 
    DitheringMethod = 0x00004000, 
    UseLookupTable = 0x00008000, 
    UsePaintLookupTable = 0x00010000, 
    TransparentColor = 0x00020000, 
    OverlaysInfo = 0x00040000, 
    PlayParameters = 0x00080000, 
    Page = 0x00200000, 
    PageCount = 0x00400000, 
    Tag = 0x00800000, 
    Comment = 0x01000000, 
    Marker = 0x02000000, 
    GeoKey = 0x04000000, 
    Format = 0x08000000, 
    AnimationProperties = 0x10000000, 
    PremultiplyAlpha = 0x20000000, 
    LinkImage = 0x40000000, 
public enum class RasterImageChangedFlags   


0x00000000NoneNo change
0x00000001DataImage data changed
0x00000002SizeDimension (width and/or height) changed
0x00000004BitsPerPixelBits/Pixel changed
0x00000008ViewPerspectiveView perspective changed
0x00000010OrderColor order changed
0x00000020PalettePalette changed
0x00000040LookupTablePalettePalette lookup table (LUT) changed
0x00000080RegionRegion changed
0x00000100ResolutionResolution (DPI) changed
0x00000200LowHighBitLow bit and/or High bit changed
0x00000400MinMaxValueMinimum value and/or maximum value changed
0x00000800NoRegionClipFor internal use
0x00001000PaintLookupTablePaint lookup table (LUT) changed
0x00002000PaintParametersPaint Parameters changed
0x00004000DitheringMethodDithering method changed
0x00008000UseLookupTableUse of palette lookup table (LUT) changed
0x00010000UsePaintLookupTableUse of paint palette lookup table (LUT) changed
0x00020000TransparentColorTransparent color changed
0x00040000OverlaysInfoOverlay information changed
0x00080000PlayParametersAnimation play parameters changed
0x00200000PageCurrent page changed
0x00400000PageCountNumber of pages changed
0x00800000TagTag changed
0x01000000CommentComment changed
0x02000000MarkerMarker changed
0x04000000GeoKeyGeo keys changed
0x08000000FormatFormat changed
0x10000000AnimationPropertiesAny of the Animation properties has changed
0x20000000PremultiplyAlphaPre-multiply alpha value changed
0x40000000LinkImage The linked image has changed

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