attach Method


Attaches this AnnAutomation object to a IAnnAutomationControl object.


JavaScript Syntax
AnnAutomation.prototype.attach = function(automationControl) 
TypeScript Syntax
attach(automationControl: IAnnAutomationControl): void; 



The automation control for this AnnAutomation. This value cannot be null.


Use Attach and Detach to associate a control that implements IAnnAutomationControl with an automation object.

The AnnAutomation constructor internally calls Attach to associate the control with itself.

Using Attach and Detach allows you to easily use one IAnnAutomationControl object to view multiple automation objects.

Attach and Detach should be used when you are using the IAnnAutomationControl class with this AnnAutomation object (by creating the object using the AnnAutomation(AnnAutomationManager, IAnnAutomationControl) constructor).


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