AnnAutomationObject Object


Defines all the properties needed to automate an annotation object.


JavaScript Syntax
function lt.Annotations.Automation.AnnAutomationObject 
TypeScript Syntax
class lt.Annotations.Automation.AnnAutomationObject() 


To automate an annotation object, create an instance of this class, specifying any properties. Then add it to the AnnAutomationManager.Objects collection. At any time, you can enumerate the AnnAutomationManager.Objects collection and add/remove/modify any of its properties.

The AnnAutomationManager.CreateDefaultObjects method creates the default AnnAutomationObject objects for the default annotation objects.

LEADTOOLS will create the automation properties for the default annotation objects. You can change any property behavior by overriding members of this class or deriving your own.


For an example, refer to AnnAutomationManager.


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