redo Method


Reapplies the last operation that was undone in this AnnAutomation.


JavaScript Syntax
AnnAutomation.prototype.redo = function() 
TypeScript Syntax
redo(): void; 


Use the Redo method to reapply the last undo operation that was performed to this AnnAutomation. The CanRedo property enables you to determine whether the last operation that was undone can be reapplied to this AnnAutomation.

Use the UndoCapacity property to get or set the number of user actions that can be reversed using the Undo method, or re-applied using the Redo method. The default for the UndoCapacity property is 10 actions.

For information on undoing or redoing automation operations, refer to Undoing Annotation Automation Operations.


For an example, refer to BeginUndo.


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