AnnAutomationObject Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by AnnAutomationObject.

Public Constructors

Name Description
AnnAutomationObject Initializes a new instance of the AnnAutomationObject class.

Public Properties

Name Description
contextMenu Gets or sets the context menu associated with this AnnAutomationObject
drawCursor Gets or sets the mouse cursor used when drawing new objects of this AnnAutomationObject
drawDesignerType Gets or sets the type of the draw designer of this AnnAutomationObject.
editDesignerType Gets or sets the type of the edit designer of this AnnAutomationObject.
groupName Gets or sets the group name for this automation object
id Gets or sets the id of this AnnAutomationObject.
labelTemplate Gets or sets the template used when creating labels for this AnnAutomationObject
name Gets or sets the name of this AnnAutomationObject.
nextNumber Gets or sets the next number used when creating labels for this AnnAutomationObject
objectTemplate Gets or sets the initial annotation object template of this AnnAutomationObject.
renderer Gets the annotation object renderer for this AnnAutomationObject.
runDesignerType Gets or sets the type of the run designer of this AnnAutomationObject.
toolBarImage Gets or sets the toolbar image associated with this AnnAutomationObject
toolBarToolTipText Gets or sets the tooltip text associated with this AnnAutomationObject.
userData Gets or sets the user-defined data for this AnnAutomationObject.
useRotateThumbs Enables or disables the use of rotate thumbs of this AnnAutomationObject.
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