IAnnAutomationControl Interface


Supports user controls with the LEADTOOLS Annotation Automation.


JavaScript Syntax
function lt.Annotations.Core.IAnnAutomationControl 
TypeScript Syntax
class lt.Annotations.Core.IAnnAutomationControl() 


IAnnAutomationControl defines and interface that allows you to easily use any control you choose with LEADTOOLS Annotation Automation. By default, the automation framework provides support for using a LEADTOOLS ImageViewer control as the surface where the automation is used.

To perform automation, the toolkit must interact with the control in different ways, for example, obtain information about the control size and resolution, subscribe to the various touch/mouse and keyboard events for user-interface integration, invalidate all or portions of the control surface for re-painting to draw the annotation objects and translate values between annotation and client coordinates.

When the above mode is used, you can use the ImageViewerAutomationControl that comes with the Leadtools.Annotations.[Platform] example project that implements IAnnAutomationControl and provides translation between the methods/properties/events of the interface and those of ImageViewer.

To instead use automation on your own custom control, you must create a class that implements IAnnAutomationControl and pass an instance of this class to AnnAutomation(AnnAutomationManager, IAnnAutomationControl) and optionally to AnnAutomation.Attach and AnnAutomation.Detach if more advantage functionality is required.

IAnnAutomationControl is designed so that you can easily use it to create an automation from an HTML control.


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