snapToGridOptions Property


Gets or sets the default AnnSnapToGridOptions of this AnnAutomationManager.


JavaScript Syntax
Object.defineProperty(AnnAutomationManager.prototype, 'snapToGridOptions', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
TypeScript Syntax
snapToGridOptions: AnnSnapToGridOptions; 

Property Value

The default AnnSnapToGridOptions for this AnnAutomationManager.


When you set the AnnAutomationManager, this AnnSnapToGridOptions will be updated automatically to be used when rendering the overlaying grid.

Setting this AnnSnapToGridOptions for AnnAutomationManager will update the AnnSnapToGridOptions for attached AnnRenderingEngine and AnnDesigner to this AnnAutomationManager to allow rendering the overlaying grid and applying snapping based on same options.


Target Platforms

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