currentDesigner Property


Gets the current working designer.


JavaScript Syntax
Object.defineProperty(AnnAutomation.prototype, 'currentDesigner', 
	get: function() 
TypeScript Syntax
currentDesigner: AnnDesigner; // read-only 

Property Value

The current working AnnDesigner derived object.


At any given time, the AnnAutomation object can have a working AnnDesigner derived object as follows:

Designer Base Class Notes
null (Design and Run user mode) No designer is currently active.
AnnDrawDesigner (Design user mode) The AnnAutomation is currently drawing or about to draw a new object.
AnnEditDesigner (Design user mode) One or more objects are currently being edited or are about to be edited.
AnnRunDesigner (Run user mode) An object is currently being run or about to be run.

This property allows you to hook into the current designer and change or monitor its status while it is running. For example, you can determine if CurrentDesigner is a AnnDrawDesigner derived class and subscribe to the AnnDrawDesigner.Draw event and so forth.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to this AnnAutomation object's Draw, Edit or Run events directly. This object will hook these events to the corresponding designer event automatically.


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