currentRubberStampType Property


Gets or sets the current automation rubber stamp object type.


JavaScript Syntax
Object.defineProperty(AnnAutomationManager.prototype, 'currentRubberStampType', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
TypeScript Syntax
currentRubberStampType: AnnRubberStampType; 

Property Value

An AnnRubberStampType value that specifies the current automation rubber stamp object type. The default value is AnnRubberStampType.StampApproved.


The current automation rubber stamp type is the value of AnnRubberStampObject.RubberStampType of the rubber stamp currently selected. This object is the "active" object to be drawn on the current active AnnAutomation. You can change the value of this property programmatically. It can also change if the user makes a selection from the automation toolbar.

The CurrentRubberStampTypeChanged event is fired when this property is changed.


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