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Leadtools.Documents Namespace

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Overview and description of Leadtools Documents classes, enumerations, and structures.

Class Description
Constants Contains constant values used by this framework.
CreateDocumentOptions Options to use when creating a new document.
Document Encapsulates a multi-page document with support for raster and SVG images, bookmarks, annotations and text data.
DocumentAnnotations Manages the global annotations settings for the document.
DocumentBarcodes Manages the global barcodes settings for the document.
DocumentBookmark Represents a document bookmark (table of content) item.
DocumentDescriptor JSON serilizable object that describes a document.
DocumentDocuments Represents a collection of Document objects.
DocumentFactory Provide supports to load and create Document objects as well as managing the global cache.
DocumentImages Manages the global image settings for the document.
DocumentMetadata Manages the metadata of the document.
DocumentPage Represents a page in the current Document.
DocumentPageDescriptor JSON serilizable object that describes a page in the document.
DocumentPages Represents a collection of DocumentPage objects.
DocumentPageText Contains the text characters and words found in a document page.
DocumentStructure Manages the structure of the document.
DocumentText Manages the text options of the document.
LoadAsyncCompletedEventArgs Data for the LoadDocumentAsyncOptions.Completed event.
LoadAsyncProgressEventArgs Data for the LoadDocumentAsyncOptions.Progress event.
LoadDocumentAsyncOptions Options to use when loading a document asynchronously.
LoadDocumentOptions Options to use when loading a document.
SaveDocumentOptions Options to use when saving a document.
UploadDocumentOptions Options to use when uploading a document to the cache.
Structure Description
DocumentCharacter Contains the properties of a text character found in the page.
DocumentLink Holds the properties of a link inside the document.
DocumentLinkTarget Defines the target of an internal link in the document.
DocumentWord Contains the properties of a text word found in the page.
Enumeration Description
DocumentCacheOptions Determines which extra parts of the document will be stroed in the cache.
DocumentCacheStatus The status of this document in the cache.
DocumentFontStyles Font style.
DocumentLinkType Type of a document link object.
DocumentPageFitType Specifies how to fit the page when an internal link is invoked.
DocumentTextExtractionMode Mode to use when extracting text from this document.
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