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LoadDocumentOptions Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by LoadDocumentOptions.

Public Constructors

Name Description
LoadDocumentOptions Initializes a new instance of LoadDocumentOptions with default parameters.

Public Properties

Name Description
AnnotationsUri The location to the external annotation file associated with the document.
Cache The cache to use with the new document.
CacheOptions Determines which part of the document will be stored in the cache.
CachePolicy The cache policy to use with the new document.
DocumentId The ID to be used with the loaded document.
FirstPageNumber Number of the first page to be loaded from the document.
LastPageNumber Number of the last page to be loaded from the document.
LoadEmbeddedAnnotations Indicates whether to try to load the annotations embedded in the document itself.
MaximumImagePixelSize Maximum width or height in pixels to use when obtaining image data from the pages in this document.
MayHaveDifferentPageSizes Hint to the loader that the document may contain pages with different size.
MimeType The optional mime type of the document being loaded.
Name Optional name of the document.
Password The password to use if the document is encrypted.
UseCache Indicates whether the new document will use the cache system.
WebClient The .NET System.Net.WebClient object to use when downloading or uploading data from a remote URL.
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