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IsDownloaded Property


Indicates if this document was downloaded.


public bool IsDownloaded { get; } 
Public ReadOnly Property IsDownloaded() As Boolean 
   property bool IsDownloaded 
      bool get() 
public boolean isDownloaded() 

Property Value

true if this document was downloaded, otherwise; false.


When a document is created using DocumentFactory.LoadFromUri or DocumentFactory.LoadFromUriAsync, the framework will download the original file and store it in the cache if it is used or a temporary file on the system otherwise. In these cases, the value of IsDownloaded will be true and GetDocumentFileName will return the path to this file (in the cache directly or the temporary one created). Uri will point to the original file or URL used to download the document. If the cache does not support disk access (external resource), the document data is still stored in the cache and can be retrieved using GetDocumentStream.

If the document is created using DocumentFactory.LoadFromFile then the framework will not download the original file, instead, use it as is. In this case, the value of IsDownloaded will be false and GetDocumentFileName will return the path to the original file used to load the document. Uri will return the same value as GetDocumentFileName in this situation.

If the document is created using DocumentFactory.LoadFromStream, then the value of IsDownloaded will false. If the document is then saved into the cache and reloaded (using SaveToCache and LoadFromCache(objectcache,string) will be true and the document is treated as it was loaded from a file.


For an example, refer to Document.


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