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DocumentPage Class


Represents a page in the current Document.


public class DocumentPage 
Public Class DocumentPage 
public [DataContractAttribute] 
   ref class DocumentPage 
public class DocumentPage implements Serializable 


DocumentPage represents a page in the current Document. It can be accessed through the Pages collection.

DocumentPages is populated with an item for each page in the original document. Each DocumentPage will have the value of Size and Resolution initialized to their corresponding value in the document. The other parts of the page are obtained on demand when the user calls the various methods.

Use DocumentPages.CreatePage to create a new page when modifying or creating documents.

The page uses the cache system if available, most of the page data are not kept in memory and is either read from the original document or obtained from the cache on demand. This is done to reduce the memory footprint of Document and to be able to support document with a large number of pages and data.

DocumentPage has the following features:

Member Description
Size and Resolution The size in document units and resolution in DPI of the page.
OriginalPageNumber and PageNumber The page number of the page in the original document (if any) and the current page number in the collection.
GetImage and IsImageModified Get and sets a RasterImage of this page.
GetSvg, SetSvg and IsSvgModified Get and sets a SvgDocument of this page.
GetSvgBackImage(rastercolor) and IsSvgBackImageModified Get and sets the background RasterImage for the SVG image of this page.
GetText and IsTextModified Get and sets a DocumentPageText of this page.
GetAnnotations, SetAnnotations and IsAnnotationsModified Get and sets a AnnContainer of this page.
GetLinks, SetLinks and IsLinksModified Get and sets an array of DocumentLink objects of this page.
ReadBarcodes Reads any barcodes found on the page.
UserData Any user-defined data that can be associated with the page (and saved to the cache if needed).

For an example, refer to Document.


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