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CreateDocumentDescriptor Method


Creates a descritpor object that can be used to re-create this document.


public DocumentDescriptor CreateDocumentDescriptor() 
Public Function CreateDocumentDescriptor() As DocumentDescriptor 
   DocumentDescriptor^ CreateDocumentDescriptor() 
public DocumentDescriptor createDocumentDescriptor() 

Return Value

Object containing the values required to re-create this document.


DocumentDescriptor is a simple JSON serializable object that can be used to re-create a Document.

Use CreateDocumentDescriptor to generate the object from an existing document.

Use UpdateFromDocumentDescriptor to update an existing Document from a descritpor.

Use CreateDocumentOptions.Descriptor along with Create(createdocumentoptions) from a descritpor.

These methods are used by the LEADTOOLS Documents Web Service to allow creating or manipulating existing documents from JavaScript. When the JavaScript has finished with the Document object, it will call CreateDocumentDescriptor to obtain a simple JSON object that describes the document and send it to the server. The server will then call UpdateFromDocumentDescriptor or DocumentFactory.Create to update an existing or creata a new Document object.

Refer to CreateDocumentOptions.Descriptor for more information.


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