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LoadFromCache(ObjectCache,string) Method


Loads a previously saved document from the specified cache.


public static Document LoadFromCache( 
   ObjectCache cache, 
   string documentId 
Public Shared Function LoadFromCache( 
   ByVal cache As ObjectCache, 
   ByVal documentId As String 
) As Document 
   static Document^ LoadFromCache( 
      ObjectCache^ cache, 
      String^ documentId 
public static Document loadFromCache(ObjectCache cache, String documentId) 



The cache object to use. This value cannot be null.


The document identifier. This value cannot be null.

Return Value

The document object if found in the cache, otherwise; null.


Use this method to load a document previously stored in the cache with SaveToCache. The document will be re-loaded and populated exactly as it was during the time it was saved. If the document was originally created by using LoadFromFile then the original file must still exist and can be accessed. If the document was originally created by using LoadFromUri, LoadFromUriAsync or Create, then the library had copied the original file into the cache and is no longer used. The document can be re-constructed even if the original file is deleted. If this document was originally created by using LoadFromStream, then the data stored in the stream was saved into the cache during SaveToCache and the stream is no longer used and loading this document will act in the same manner as if it was downloaded from an external URI.

This method may return null if the document was in the cache but is expired and purged.

Saving and loading from the cache is useful if the document is to be re-used between sessions in your application. The document identifier (documentId) is all you need to store to re-construct the document after it was saved to the cache and disposed. This ID can be stored in a database or passed to the client side as in the case of the LEADTOOLS Documents Web Service.


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